Reading Programme

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Activities during Extensive Reading Programme

Enrichment Programme & Learning Journey

P3CulturalCamp 1Learning ML using iPOD

P3CulturalCamp 2Our budding artists at work.

P3CulturalCamp 3 P3CulturalCamp 4

Games of Yesteryears

P3CulturalCamp (5) P3CulturalCamp (6)

P1 - P6 Mother Tongue Week

The main purpose of the Mother Tongue Week is to enthuse our pupils in the learning of our Mother Tongue languages. It also gives them the opportunity to explore their creativity as well as develop social skills and the ability to work in collaboration with others.During the MT Fortnight, pupils take part in activities such as games, quizzes, dramas and workshops.


Workshop for Parents @ Unity Parents’ Symposium

In UPS, we conduct yearly workshops for parents on how they can help their children in Malay Language. We want to promote active involvement of parents in their children’s learning and collaborate with parents to enhance and support pupils’ learning for academic excellence.

ParentsSymposium (1) ParentsSymposium (2)

Teachers and parents collaboration to support pupils’ learning


Other Activities